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Dear readers, to both myself and you, I believe this topic was always more unnecessary in company where it would elicit silly comments and debates with no real disdain and conclusion. However, to many men it would leave a slight discomfort, especially when they would try to find the measurement of their manhood on their own.

The dimensions of a penis are a topic of considerable length, perhaps dependent on moment just as well as excitement, however,despite our attempts to find the perfect measures as a society, our own judgment, scientific consensus and women usually add up toseveral contrasting ideals. However, seeing as sex is still the main driving force for most of the male population, there still remain so many issues and insecurities in the measures behind one’s own member.

Let us be objective and allow ourselves to conclude that the male libido is dependent on one’s satisfaction with his own member, making men perpetually obsessed with proving this factor ofmanliness.

Inspired to find objective answers to this perennial topic, I looked through all the resources and scientific material available to me to bring you a concise version of it all.

Some of these facts will seem familiar and some will surprise you quite a bit. Nonetheless, the facts collected and presented here will inform you, and if you truly take the time to remember and interpret all of it, you’ll surely make for an attractive party guest, as well as more than that. Stay informed and good luck on this new path through an eternal and inexhaustible topic. You men should become real Don Juans, and you girls should stop being Cinderellas.





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