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About the author

(Alias Davor Zdjelarevie) Hailing from the Balkans, where dicking around is a definite characteristic of its inhabitants, this loose ethnic group has a varied and bloody past, and so does our author.

A passionate jokester, born Gemini, enologist by trade, he dedicated his entire life to wine, as well as to all the passions and hedonism that comes with the territory. Almost always smiling and cheerful, he seeks and tries the boundaries between social and personal values. A constant explorer with intense wanderlust, the one who does not shy away from morally taboo topics that today’s hypocritical and censoring society slowly erodes away from.

This artistic soul is the harbinger of change and challenge alike, always prepared to go a step forward from the others. The biggest hurdle for these souls are the pseudo moralistic, virtue signaling powers that be, the immoral societal values pursued under mainstream institutions, including the churches that keep maintaining their oligarchic privileges. As if God is not in every one of us and we need middlemen on our way to heaven.